Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Losing a Friend

The Night Goddess wept as the child tried not to cry.
The silentest purple amidst the black beaten sky.
The clouds seemed much closer than they normally did,
The stars and the moon the clouds completely hid.

The child drew the curtains as thunder sounded,
He curled up on the bed as his sadness mounted,
He remembered the fights and the anger that ensued,
The slice of trust of which he the wrong end now chewed.

The mother walked in and put a hand on his head,
Ruffled his hair and gently she said,
What's the matter baby? I'll always be here.
And the boy started crying and spoke through his tears..

A friend I have lost today mama, he confided.
A friend who had love for me undivided.
I've broken his trust, I've failed him to no end.
I don't think I'll ever be happy again.

His mother let him cry on her lap for a while.
When he looked up into her face, she said with a smile,
You have wronged your friend dear, please regain his trust,
A friend is a gift. A friend is a must.

It's not easy to lose a friend, least one that was close,
Always he will for you happiness enclose.
You KNOW I look over you and will come back to you forever,
But one can find NEW friends, it's now or never.

Saying this, before he inhaled she was gone,
The room was as it was before, forlorn.
He looked at the framed photo of his mother over his bed,
And in respect calmly bowed down his head.

Family was and always will be by your side,
Regardless of whether they be dead or alive,
There are some things that are not as immortal as they seem,
And that is evident when the final cracks are seen.

Friendship is gullible, friendship is fragile,
Thinking it lasts forever, is actually futile.
Respect those who walk with you holding your hand,
You never know when the friendship will be buried in the sand.

Honour your present company, the future will unfold,
More sweet memories, the best of times untold.


  1. OMG!! This is absolutely beautiful and so touching! Love it! I didn't know you wrote! You have found an ardent fan in me. :)

  2. Hi. :D
    I guess you mean Anand?
    This is written by co author Soumya, as in me. :) thanks nevertheless.