Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Suisse fallacy

Little can be tracked about the estimated $1,500,000,000,000  (1.5 trilllion) of Indian black money stashed away in Swiss banks. Political parties - especially the ones sitting in the opposition - use this as keypoints in their election rally agendas. And keeping the hypocritic nature of politicians in mind.. I'm sure most of the opposition leaders have all their lives' - black, of course - savings stocked in Switzerland cause they're pretty sure that the Swiss won't bulge from their laws.. so the task of retrieving black money will be left to nothing but an infinitely long game of Ping-Pong. 

1.5 trillion dollars is a lot of money, which is an understatement. Which is why perhaps, Switzerland has one of the highest GDP rates in Europe and one the most stable currencies in the world. Little do we, or rather our very ingenious politicians and businessmen, realize that the money we store there results in their economic progress, not ours! They benefit from our "namak-halali". All these thousands of billions of dollars are utilized in the development of Switzerland and Europe. Ever wondered how the Swiss have been able to advance so dramatically? Despite meager natural resources? Well, it is this stashed money that they utilize for their growth! So what is happening is- The blood-suckers of our country are sucking away its wealth and at the end of it all are helping another continent progress. But... keeping the history of this rich yet cursed land, where people have done nothing but stolen and raped her wealth... well, we couldn't expect much patriotism anyway.

It is a known fact that all the world's black-money combined in Switzerland is one-third the amount of the Indian black-money stored there. 

This is the kind of a legalized scam where everyone - the opposition and the government - is involved. The opposition makes noise. The governement follows into the noise-making. At the end of the day we all know that these are nothing but empty vessels making noise. But ironically we're fooled - or atleast we pretend to be - by such fallacies.
Democracies never existed; they only did as a formality on paper. Some say that the war against black-money isn't over yet.. Little do such people know that their supposed righteous fighters are the ones who're the most heavily invested in off-shore black markets!

I don't know how to conclude this one here... whether optimistically , in ideal words, or in blunt pessimism. But I surely would like to put forward this rhetoric... Why would/should the Swiss reveal bank-account data when their laws do not bind them to? Neither is Switzerland obligated to India... And lets face it - it is this 1.5 trillion dollars of question-mark money that in fact runs the Swiss economy!


  1. Really great. But tell me one thing- How is it that our politicians know NOTHING about how their money is benifitting Switzerland? They OUGHT TO! majority of them claim to be bigshots in finance!

  2. Well yes... the line there seems like direct accusation... but they sure do know about everything (I mean if they're smart enough to loot the country, they do know its after-effects too). But what they don't 'choose' to realize is - on a more ideal note - that Switzerland makes merry out of their deposits. But, they too don't have much of a choice cause they either let the Swiss benefit and let their personal savings be secure or they don't loot the country per se.

  3. and how do you think they "LOOT" the country? That's like a more-than-direct accusation innit?

  4. lolz...guyz...i gotta say i agree with like only half the stuff you guyz are saying. Forgive me if i sound callous...but the Swiss accounts themselves dont really seem like a problem to ME! Look...if i had loadz of money i waz earning...and wanted sumwhere to store it...i WUD look for the least tax hassles i cud get rite? So az much az possible of that money cud be kept with me? The Swiss were smart...they saw this simple fact...and came up with a beautiful system. Ain't THEIR fault that people misuse it iz it? They unbiased, impartial bankerz doing their jobs for, as Anand rightly sayz, all-round development out there! You wanna shout, shout at the Politicos storing black money...why blame the poor Swiss? Or doesn't a country with meagre natural resources [not strictly true, that!] get to earn money? Ha? :-P

  5. OK...i know y'all can attack me on moral grounds-the country that providez you and all that... :-) allrite i'll put it a lil differently. AFTER declaring all my assets and honestly paying my taxes, if i wanted to store money for the future, and wanted max value of the money after 'x' years, wouldn't i deposit where they gimme most privacy, decent interest rates, and no bother? [All purely idealistic theory, of course, but then it IS the theory behind the Swiss banks!]

  6. I agree with everyone here. You guys are all amazing intellectuals. I am a huge fan of you Anand!
    Anyways I have to say 1 thing- I just read this in Teachings of Queen Kunti(purport to verse 4)
    Srila Prabhupada actually says that we should not be concerned with economic development.(This statement stunned me - I always thought we should do our duty for maintaining our body, family etc - but Prabhupada is very clear and very forceful regarding this point-do read the purport) Krishna provides for everybody from the elephant to the ant so humans do not have to be concerned about this. And frankly, the entire above discussion just goes to show how, even if humans attempt at economic development, somebody always loses. Only God's plans can be perfect.

  7. hmm... but isn't leaving things on God's hands a rather forgotten way of doing things?