Wednesday, June 8, 2011


No twitch of the toe, no power to show,
No general cacophony of sound.
No rustle of trees, no whisper of the breeze,
Just stillness all around.

What I would do, for a whisper or two,
Or even a fulfilling talk.
To make me breathe, to let me see,
To get me out of this shock.

If somebody may, in kindness lay,
A hand on my bent head.
I don't even know, if I'd get up and go,
And forget about the dead.

As my eyes filled with tears, and back came the fears,
I'd had during the last minute.
As I held his hand, and promised him I'd stand,
By him till the end and I did it.

Wherever I go, the bravery I show,
The stillness will follow around.
As I try my best, to laugh and to jest,
The stillness still holds ground.

Every view that I see, that appeals to me,
Will be lacking always I confide.
It'll always be within, that every situation I'm in,
Would be better with him by my side.

The birds and the breeze, the smell of t he sea,
The child running around in glee.
No matter how fun, the time in the sun,
Will always bring sadness to me.

Into the garden I strolled, with memories to hold,
Of every walk there I'd taken.
I spotted a pot, the oldest of the lot,
Which a lot of memories did awaken.

'He's gone', said I, to the plant with a sigh,
'It's just you and me now.'
And the plant in response, took up the chance,
To open up its Lily and HOW!

So beautiful it was, I could see no flaws,
And the white was stroked with grey.
The delicate hues, the absence of blues,
At first filled me with dismay.

But the I saw, saw through the clause,
The plant had tried meekly to portray.
The world was not at end, and it tried to blend,
The best of the world in its array.

If stillness I choose, it still has its hues,
In stillness colour abides.
Be a white or a grey, satisfaction or dismay,
In it life resides.

I now live in peace, amidst flowers and trees,
Where nature's beauty abounds.
The birds join in song, as I tag along,
With just stillness all around.