Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Twist!

I'm sure everybody is well updated with the progression of the Swine - or more popularly - Piggy/Dukar Flu.

But, just to give another imaginative dimension to this epidemic, what if it is a monopoly of some pharmaceutical company(ies) or a band of evil doctors who want to enhance their importance in the world of men? Silly to think, sure is... but lets put it this way:

What if, some firm already has a vaccine in place.. a vaccine almost impossible to duplicate..
According to a WHO report, if a vaccine doesn't come out in the markets by 2011, 2 billion people will have suffered the wrath of the virus. So what if this Pharma company launches its vaccine after 2011. It'd cater to the needs of 2 billion people! And - being as conservative as possible - even if it were priced at a dollar... that would be a $2 billion dollar business! Whereas price it at a somewhat conservative 10 dollars.. it would mean a $20 billion dollar enterprise! Which is a lot of moolah!

And the money hospitals and doctors would have made would be phenomenal too! Just try imagining this to be the ploy of the entire medical community. Right from the Pharma co., to the doctors, to the nurses, to the hospitals, to the canteens in those hospitals, to the so on and so forth! Like how there was a secret 'Illuminati' in Dan Brown's Angels and Demons, would there be the 'Blood Cross' for the world of medicine... And this wicked coterie would have construed the entire Swine Flu right from inventing it, to destroying it; while its members made money all the way long...!

Dany, the Blood Cross boss was a frustrated man. He lost a law-suit to a Pig-farmer, who claimed the doctor robbed her of the dairy products in her farm (Pigs and dairy products?)
So Dany called upon a Blood Cross web conference... where the entire medical community joined him... and not to forget, he made a million dollars of the Google Ads he put on his Video-Conference Client!
It was here that the blue-print of the swine was worked out. An ayurvedic veteran from Ukraine suggested some of the bone-marrow be taken from the pigs of the region of Chernobyl, the famous site of the nuclear-tragedy. Thus, the formula was prepared. A much more sophisticated strain of the influenza was created, much more hazardous than the strain of the 1976 Outbreak. And since, the Mexican high-commissioner to the Blood Cross had absconded the conference, as reported by Dany's assistant at the Video Conference client, Blood Cross decided that Mexico be scarred as the originating land of the virus.

So it happened. March 18th, first swine-flu case reported in Mexico. And it took the route of geometric progression wildly infecting mankind. And two years later, when the Blood Cross became the only organization with a richer treasure chest than that of the US Federal reserve, did it launch its much-awaited vaccine.. again, raking up further tens of billions of dollars!
And what was initially an vengeful venture against some pig-farmer, lead to the formation of a new world order. Where doctors took over Parliaments. Nurses took over the bureaucracy. And Pharma companies took over the world economy!

The preceding work is fictional. Any resemblance to persons/organizations living or dead is purely coincidental!

Hope you'll had a nice time! :D
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  1. Awesome work anand....

    really enjoyed- and erm- yeah- Pigs and dairy products? smart farmer. ;)